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Salads, Pickles,Vegetables (Engl) (IT) (DE) (Esp)

Fern Mushroom Salad (New Zealand) (Engl)

In this segment from Organic Living TV we arrive on the north island of New Zealand to Rotorua and meet traditional Maori Chef Charles Royal! Charles takes us foraging for wild and indigenous ingredients. We end up back at Pounamu Lodge on Lake Tarewera to prepare a lovely wild Fern, Mushroom and Smoked Tomato Salad!

How to make Dill Pickles (Engl)

Warm Vietnamese Beef Salad (Engl)

President Obama's Tuna Salad (Engl)

(Obama family makes Tuna Salad)

Radicchio di Treviso rosso tardivo (Engl) (IT) (DE)

Radicchiosalat (DE)

Green Papaya Thai Salad (Engl)

Som Tam (Som Tum) Bla Rah (Bla La) Spicy Papaya Salad (Engl)

Cucumber & Daikon Radish Salad with Hijiki (Engl)

Ginger Pickle (Engl)

Hearth of Palm (Engl) (Link)

This tasty vegetable goes through a surprisingly complicated process before being served. Follow the trail of hearts of palm from a seedling to delectable side dish.

Mushrooms (Engl)

Watch and learn how Mushrooms are grown (Engl)

Two Bulgur Salads (Engl)


Bulgur Pilaf (Engl) Fresh Ginger, Pickled or Crystallized (Engl)

Fresh ginger is a delicious addition to many dishes. You can find fresh ginger root in the grocery store almost any time of year. It has a great fresh flavor that adds a bit of spice to many dishes.

Ginger has a thin skin that can be left on or peeled off. The fibrous ginger root needs to be chopped up so that the root doesnt get stringy in your dish.

There are many types of ginger available in the stores. Fresh, dried, pickled or crystallized ginger. Crystallized ginger is really candied a great flavor for tea or pastries.

Ginger paste is also available in the grocery stores. It is a convenient addition without all of the chopping.

Pickled Sushi Ginger (Engl) (Link)

How To Make Sunomono (Engl)

Sunomono cucumber salad is a light and refreshing vinegared dish in Japanese cuisine. Master Chef Andy Matsuda will show us how to prepare the traditional form of this salad, using wakame seaweed and mirin sauce.


Pickled Rutabaga (Engl)

Rutabaga, turnips, parsnips and radishes are some of the best vegetables to get the fermenting/pickling treatment. Get yourself a nifty little star peeler, some mason jars and you're good to go. Check the jars after a few days, and you'll be amazed how delicious something so simple to prepare has become.

Preserved Lemons (Engl)

Preserving lemons is a new technique to us. We discovered that having preserved lemons on hand is great for adding a twist, so to speak, to any dish that needs a little citrus and salt.

Blanched Vegetables with Oyster Sauce Dressing (Engl)

Pickled red Radish (Engl)

Insalata di Castagne (IT)

Kartoffelsalat mit Pfifferlingen (DE)

.... schmeckt solo oder als Beilage... Kleiner Tipp: probieren Sie den Salat doch mal warm so wie er in Bayern gerne serviert wird.

Tsukemono - Pickle Side Dish (Engl)

Tsukemono refers to a broad category of pickles, many of which can be bought at an Asian market or made at home. Serve them in small portions (like those above) on the side of any meal, and try the parings I've suggested below. These are a few that I regularly buy. You can find them in the refrigerated section of most Asian markets that carry Japanese foods. In the picture, clockwise from top left:

1. Beni shoga (aka pickled ginger): This bright-red pickled ginger root is quite different from gari, the sweet, pale-pink slices of pickled ginger that accompany sushi. Colored with red perilla leaves (called shiso), beni shoga has a strong, salty, almost spicy flavor that adds a wonderful kick of flavor to dishes such as beef noodle bowls, stir fries, and yakisoba (stir-fried noodles). Ginger is widely purported to help quell nausea, so when I'm feeling under the weather, I often eat this type with ochazuke (o-CHA-zu-kay), which is simply green tea poured over rice (kind of like milk on cereal). Look for it in plastic tubs about the size of a tuna can.

2.Takuan (pickled daikon): Though the version above is dyed yellow, this pickle sometims looks paper-white or beige. Made from daikon, a mild white radish that can grow to the size of your forearm, it has many uses besides pickles: grated in dipping sauces, shredded into a mound of ribbons that go well with sashimi, and boiled in soups, to name a few. Takuan has a pleasant crunch and mild brininess, and it is eaten at the end of a meal, as it is believed to aid in digestion. You can buy it sliced, or as a whole radish immersed in a bag of brine.

3. Rakkyo (RAH-kyoh; aka pickled shallot): Similar in appearance to a cocktail onion, these crisp, mild, sweet-and-sour shallots, pickled in a light seasoned vinegar, are like candy to me. Often served with grilled fish or meats, they provide a crisp, bright note that's palate-cleansing between savory bites. Rakkyo is often labeled "pickled scallions" and sold in little plastic bags or small glass jars.

4. Umeboshi (ooh-meh-BOH-she; pickled Japanese plum): This is the quintessential Japanese pickle. One of my favorites, umeboshi is colored red with shiso and has a startling tartness that almost makes your eyes water (in a good way). It's an acquired taste for some. They are sometimes pale pink, and sometimes bright red, and they range from cranberry-sized, crunchy fruits to olive-sized fruits with a squishier texture. They are served with many meals, including breakfast, and are often placed in the center of onigiri (seasoned rice balls). Look for them in small plastic containers.

Asparagus, Blackberry & Orange Salad (Engl)

The salad should welcome you to the table. This amazing presentation does just that - and more. A fruity raspberry vinaigrette doesn't mask the unmistakable crunch of asparagus while a colorful array of vibrant fruit and the unexpected zing of red onions complete the package.

Beelitzer Spargel mit Zander (DE)

Im Restaurant "Zander" im Berliner Szenebezirk Prenzlauer Berg werden die Gäste mit raffinierten Spargelgerichten verwöhnt.

Spargel (DE) Link 


Spargel ist ein echtes Saisongemüse - frisch gestochen und am selben Tag zubereitet schmeckt er einfach am Besten. Da die Saison nur kurz ist, sollte man jetzt zugreifen und genießen. Sternekoch Vincent Klink und Moderatorin Evelin König bereiten mit Spargel überbackene Scaloppine-Bruschetta und einen Spargel-Zitronen-Salat zu.

Panzanella (Esp)

La Panzanella es una sabrosa ensalada, típica de la bonita región italiana de la Toscana. Se prepara con un pan compacto de miga seca llamado sciocco, pero podemos sustituirlo por otro pan rústico. Existen muchas versiones, siendo los ingredientes que no pueden faltar el pan, el tomate, la cebolla roja, la albahaca, aceite, vinagre, sal y pimienta.
Es una receta muy sana y riquísima. Espero que os guste!

Los ingredientes que necesitaremos son:

- 8 rebanadas de pan rústico
- 500 gr. de tomates cherry (u otro tomate, si se prefiere)
- 1 pepino (opcional)
- 1 cebolla roja
- 2 tallos de apio
- 100 gr. de aceitunas negras sin hueso
- 50 gr. de alcaparras
- albahaca fresca
- aceite de oliva, vinagre de vino tinto, sal y pimienta

Chili Peppers (Engl)

Choosing the right hot pepper when preparing a Tex-Mex or chili recipe can be confusing. This startcooking video can help you. Learn how to handle and pick the right jalapeno, chili, or poblano pepper so you can impress your guests with a perfect recipe.

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