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Wines Regions (Engl)

Wine Regions of Europe - Castilla y Leon, Valencia, Andalucia and La Mancha Spain (Link)


Wine Regions of Europe - Catalonia, Aragon, Rioja


Cyprus Wine (Engl)

France - Wines (Engl) (Link)

The Vineyards and Wines of Cassis

A little fishing port situated 30 km to the east of Marseilles, Cassis knows how to preserve its Provencal authenticity and charm. Of course this seaside town is famous for its superb bays or “Calanques”, Cassis is also well known for its picturesque port and the imposing Cap Canaille, the highest maritime cliff in Europe, not forgetting its castle, nor the casino…….but Cassis has another trump card : its vineyards… vineyards with a guarantee of quality or ‘Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée.’ Vineyards spreading out between the sea and the hills produce a white wine of exceptional quality. The Best White Wine in the World ? We have chosen to visit the smallest of the Cassis estates: "Le Clos Val Bruyère". "The soil of Cassis is unique throughout the Mediterranean which allows the vintage dry white wines to be produced with a balance between freshness, subtlety and structure"… We will join Mr et Mme Simonini. They run their estate with real dedication and enthusiasm… They are going to divulge all their secrets…or almost…


Wine Regions of Europe - Bordeaux


Wine Regions of Europe - Alsace, Jura, Rhone


Wine Regions of Europe - Provence


Wine Regions of Europe - Burgundy


France's Burgundy Bourgogne Wine Region (Engl)

With a history of vineyards dating back as far as the second century, this area continues the tradition even today. The Burgundy region of eastern France is the producer of some of the world’s most famous wines. These wines – often called Burgundies – include such names as Pinot Noir reds and Chardonnay whites, both of which are well-liked worldwide.

Wine Regions of Europe - Champagne, Loire


Italy - Wines (Engl)

Wine Regions of Europe - Tuscany, Umbria, Sardinia


Wine Regions of Europe - Emilia- Romagna, Marche, Abruzzi


Wine Regions of Europe - Piedmont, Veneto, Friuli


Wine Regions of Europe - South Tyrol, Trentino, Lombardy


Germany - Wines (Engl)

Wine Regions of Europe - Baden, Wurttemburg, Franconia


Wine Regions of Europe - Rheingau, Rheinpfalz


Wine Regions of Europe - Ahr, Mosel, Saar


- Wines (Engl)

Wine Regions of Europe - Lake Geneva, Ticino


Wine Regions of Europe - East Switzerland


- Wines (Engl)

Wine Regions of Europe - Greece


The Rebirth of Hungary's Wine of Kings (Engl)

It's one of the world's most famous wines. Hailing from Hungary, Tokaj has graced many a royal table through its history. But, during the country's communist times, the wine lost some of its lustre, but is now going through a rennaissance.

The Tokaj Wine Region Historic Cultural Landscape Hungary (Engl)

A real Corker - Switzerland (Engl)

Visperterminen in Valais has always been proud to lay claim to the highest vineyard in Europe, rising from 650 to 1150 metres above sea level. But ten years ago, the terraces were in a sorry state. Local winemaker, Pirmin Heinzmann, saved the vineyard by setting up a 'Zunft' or guild to repair the terraces and resume wine production. The grapes from this vineyard are now used to make the highly acclaimed 'Heida' wine.

Wine Trails - France, Italy, Iberia (Engl) (Link)

What better way to get a taste of the country and local culture than through its wine? Join us for a spectacular journey through the old world wine countries of Portugal, Spain, Italy and France.


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