Monday, November 12, 2012

Food, Wine, Eating out – a Galician way of life (Engl)

Watch this video to learn about the fantastic local food and wine of Galicia, which includes fish, seafood, tapas, ham and chorizo.

 Up in the north-west of Spain, is world-famous for its food and wine. Proud of its locally sourced ingredients and large variety of restaurants, this region is home to an eclectic array of traditional Spanish dishes, including fresh seafood, empanadas, Spanish ham (jamon), chorizo, rustic stews, and a wide variety of local cheese. With the longest stretch of coastline in Spain, stretching for more than 700 miles, the region boasts some of the finest seafood in Europe: lobster, octopus, oysters and fresh fish are all prepared using traditional cooking techiniques in bustling tapas bars and fine-dining restaurants across the region. Fresh produce and the famed oyster farms line Vigo Bay makes Galicia the gastronomic envy of the world. For an alternative to fine-dining, seek out the friendly oyster sellers in Vigo's Casco Vello Market for a fresh alfresco treat. Rías Baixas is the most important Denomination of Origin (DO) in Galicia. Formally established in 1988, this DO wine owes much of its acclaim to the white albariño grape, which has been elevated by many in Spain and abroad to cult status.

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