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Monday, April 27, 2015

Exotic Fruits and how to eat them (Engl)

Are you eating the same five or six fruits every day? This video will inspire you to try out new fruit and get some more variety into your diet. You will learn about asian fruits like mango, papaya, rose apples, dragon fruit, sapodilla, snake skin fruit, jackfruit, tamarind and mangosteen. These are the fruits I eat on a regular basis when I'm in Thailand and some of them you can even find in your local asian stores back home.

Olive Oil Cake (Engl)

Olive Oil Cake Makes approximately 8 servings. Ingredients 1⁄2 Cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1⁄4 Cup Butter (melted) 1 Cup Sugar 3Eggs 1⁄4 Cup Whole Milk 1 tsp Vanilla 1 tsp Lemon Zest 1 tsp Salt 1 Cup All-purpose Flour 1⁄2 Cup Cake Flour 1⁄2 TBS Baking Powder Directions Preheat oven to 350°F. Butter and line one 8” cake pan or two 6” cake pans with parchment. Combine extra virgin olive oil and melted butter and set aside. In a small bowl,whisk together both flour and baking powder and set aside. In a medium bowl (or use a standing mixer on medium speed) beat eggs, sugar, salt, lemon zest and vanilla until until double in volume (ribbon stage). While mixer is on slow,drizzle extra virgin olive oil and butter until fully incorporated. Slowly add milk until combined. Fold in flour and baking powder. Pour into cake pan(s) and bake until edges are golden and pulling away from the sides (about 25 minutes). Cool on cooling rack before trimming and frosting. Pistachio Cream Cheese Frosting Ingredients 1⁄2 Cup Pistachios (shelled, toasted, and chopped) 1⁄4 Cup Butter 1 Cup Cream Cheese 1 1⁄2 Cup Powdered Sugar 1⁄4 tsp Salt 1⁄2 tsp Vanilla Directions Whisk butter and cream cheese until fluffy. Whisk in powdered sugar, salt, vanilla, and pistachios. Let frosting set in refrigerator for at least 30 minutes before using. Assembling the Cake Trim cakes so each layer is level.If you used two 6” cake pans, you can make up to six layers. Put a little dollop of frosting in the center of the cake stand to hold the first layer in place. Place one layer (a bottom layer) of olive oil cake in the center of the cake stand. Using an offset spatula, spread the frosting just beyond the edge of the cake layer. Alternate between the cake and frosting until the final layer. Use extra frosting and pistachios to decorate.

Burning and Seasoning your Wok (Engl)


Sunday, October 19, 2014

Damon Baehrel (Engl)

Damon Baehrel has created one of the most exclusive dinner reservations on the planet. His restaurant, Damon Baehrel, is named for its sole employee. Located beneath his home in Earlton, NY, Damon has hosted guests from over 50 countries in the last year alone. The $255-$275 per person base-priced meal gets you 16-20 courses that are conceived, farmed, cooked and served by Damon. Bloomberg's Rachel Crane goes below ground to taste the exclusive cuisine called Native Harvest.

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Angel Hair Chicken Nugget Recipe (Engl)
Japanese Cucumber Leaf Decoration Sushi Garnish (Engl)