Friday, February 26, 2010

Pizzoccheri (IT) (Engl)

Ingredienti (dosi per 4 persone)

400 g di farina di grano saraceno - 100 g di farina bianca - 200 g di burro - 250 g di formaggio Valtellina Casera Dop (denominazione di origine protetta) - 150 g di formaggio in grana da grattugia - 200 g di verze - 250 g di patate - uno spicchio di aglio, pepe.

Pizzoccheri Pasta with Cabbage, Potatoes and Cheese (Engl)

This dish from the Valtellina area of northern Italy is a local legend, but was once considered a 'piatto povero' or poor-man's dish because of it's basic ingredients. A heavy dish like this would probably be enough calories and fats to work in harsh winter conditions day after day.

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