Monday, January 3, 2011

Chef Abroad (Engl)

White Truffle Quest- Italy

Truffles are difficult to find and very rare and expensive as a result! Chef Michael Smith embarks on a woodsy adventure led by a truffle dog to unearth his own truffle, and follow it from the forest floor into an Italian kitchen to enjoy it as the locals do.

Blue Fin Tuna (Engl)

Deep in the Atlantic Ocean swims the most sought after prize in the sea - the Atlantic blue fin tuna. Join Chef Michael Smith as he follows the incredible journey of the prized tuna from its catch off the shores of Prince Edward Island, Canada, to exotic Japan and a Michelin-starred sushi restaurant in Tokyo.


Moroccan Cuisine (Eng)

In a colourful and flavourful journey Chef Michael Smith visits Morocco to see and experience the tastes and smells of the traditional Moroccan cuisine first hand. Using the communal kitchen to make couscous and tagine in the same way it's been made for centuries.

New Zealand (Engl)

Chef Michael Smith believes that the harder you have to work for your food - the better it tastes. In a food adventure that takes him halfway around the globe to New Zealand, Michael gives it his all to hunt, fish, gather and muster up the best cuisine the island country has to offer.

Paella and Saffron - Spain (Engl)

On the trail of the perfect paella Chef Michael Smith is introduced to some of the best ingredients in Spain. Travelling with a local food hunter Michael visits the local producers of rice, saffron, snails and other infamous paella ingredients before settling down to enjoy the dish and a few other Spanish specialties.

Chef Abroad : MANSAF - The Pride Of Jordanian Cuisine (Engl)

Chef Michael Smith travels with HRH Prince Mired Al Hussein to explore hospitality deep in the desert of Jordan. From Petra to Wadi Rum, he discovers the culinary secrets of this ancient holy land.

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