Thursday, May 5, 2011

Ramsons - Wild Garlic (Engl) Bärlauch (DE)

The Latin name for wild garlic is "Allium ursinum". Ramsons are also known as buckrams, sremus, wood garlic, broad-leafed garlic, and bear's garlic. A wild relative of chives, the plant is known to be favored by the brown bear and wild boar. Ramsons were first used by humans in an ancient Mesolithic settlement of Denmark.

Ramsons features fully edible leaves. These cooking herbs are used in spices, salads, and soups. They make a powerful flavoring agent for homemade pesto, and some cooks opt to use it instead of basil. Wild garlic can also be boiled and eaten as a vegetable. In Russia, it is popular to salt and preserve wild garlic stems and eat them in salads.

Der Bärlauchbauer - Leckeres aus Bärlauch (DE)
Bärlauchpesto (DE)

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