Monday, August 31, 2009

Raw and Wild Food (Engl)

The Jackfruit (Engl)

In this episode of "Jenna in the Jungle" we explore the jackfruit tree which we learn was the flavor inspiration for Juicy Fruit gum! Its fruit is the largest tree borne fruit in the world. The jackfruit tree is a fast-growing tree that yields approximately 100 fruits per year, with the average fruit weighing in at nearly 20 pounds each! Surprisingly, the interior contains a sticky, white latex.

Coconut (Engl)

In this second episode of the Hawaiian "Jenna in the Jungle" series, Manis demonstrates how to climb a coconut tree. Learn how to cut coconuts open to make fresh, rich coconut cream. Learn the benefits of coconuts and how to use them in the most sustainable way.

Chocolate Grows on Trees (Engl)

Chocolate Info from "Food Science" (Engl)

Rollinia (Engl)

Sometimes called biriba, species of Rollinia are tropical trees that bear round, yellow fruit. They need a warm and humid climate to grow well.
Not all fruits produced by this family are edible, but Rollinia deliciosa is. The flavor of the fruit is described as similar to that of apple custard or lemon meringue pie. Ripe fruit is very soft and easily bruised. The fruit cannot be stored for long periods of time. It is usually eaten fresh, but Brazilians use it to make wine.

Thimbleberries, Durian and Other Wild Foods in Hawaii (Engl)

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