Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Yam (Engl)

Purple Yam - Camote - Batata)

Yam is a 10cm to 70cm long tuberous rhizome, which could be anything from 5cm to 10 cm wide, with a brownish bark-like covering or skin, enveloping a white to yellow succulent pulp rich in complex starch with a uniquely satisfying taste and texture.

Yam is not the same as sweet potatoes or any form of potato. No. They are not related in any way! It is an underground tuber like potatoes, but much bigger and has an unbeatable excellent unique taste. You just have to try a dish of yam and you will see the difference.
It is found mainly in the countries of Nigeria accounting for 95%) of world production, Ghana, Cameroon, Togo, and Cote d'Ivoire.

Jamaican Yam and Banana (With Chicken) (Engl)

Revealing the nutritious values of boiled Yam and green Banana. Also, the easiest way to bake chicken.

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