Sunday, June 20, 2010

Deep Blue Carrot and Sorrel Salad - Chef René Redzepi (Engl)



4 deep blue carrots
200g of goats butter
aromatic herbs for sauteing, such as lemon thyme, chamomile, sage, marjoran and normal thyme
Sea salt

Butter emulsion

100g of water
200g of goats butter


40 big sorrel stems, leaves kept for juice
8 small sheep sorrel
8 red sorrel
8 daisy leaves
8 sprouge shoots
40 small hemlock shoots
40 small garden sorrel

Sorrel juice

4 green apples
sorrel scraps from making the stems
10g of grapeseed oil

1. For the carrot: Saute the carrots in a little oil. Turn down the heat and add the goats butter and herbs. Slow cook the carrots for approx 45 min. keep adding aromatic herbs and basting with the butter until they are cooked through. Cut them lengthwise in half's and brush some of the butter on and season with salt.

2. For the butter emulsion: Cook the butter and water together and handblend it for a creamy emulsion.

3. For the garnish: Place the sorrel stems in a sieve and pour the hot butter emulsion over just before serving. All the different sorrel leaves and herbs are cleaned and refreshed in ice water. Spin off all water and keep in an airtight container.

4. For the sorrel juice: Blend the apples and sorrel scraps together for 1 min. strain through a fine sieve and split with the grapeseed oil. Keep it cold.

5. Serving: Put two pieces of carrot on a semi-deep plate. Start dressing with the in butter emulsion warmed up sorrel stems and continue with all tips of sorrel and herbs. Finish the dish with a good amount of warmed up sorrel juice on a plate.

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