Thursday, September 3, 2009

Seeds Nuts and Roots (Engl) (DE)



What Are Pine Nuts? (Engl)

Pine Nuts come from Pine cones, which are heated to facilitate the removal of the pine cone and used in a variety of sweet and savory dishes.

Quinoa (Engl)

Learn about the origin of Quinoa and its many uses in cooking. A great substitute for carb-heavy and nutrient-low white rice, Quinoa is high and protein and very versatile - great for breakfast, lunch and dinner, as a side or a main dish.

Taro Root - Malanga Soup (Engl)

Malanga (Taro Root) is probably the most hypoallergenic food in the world, making it one of the most easily digested of all complex carbohydrates. But besides all that, Malanga Soup is incredibly delicious and healthy. Serve this creamy soup with any meal.

Daikon 大根 (Engl)

 (Daikon Varieties)

Annatto - Achiote (Engl)

Achiote Paste

The small hard achiote seed, which is also called the annatto seed, is sold both whole and ground. It is prized in Indian and Hispanic cuisine for its slightly bitter, earthy flavor and russet color. In the United States, annatto extract is used to color butter, margarine, and cheese.

Achiote Oil: any bland oil that has been flavored and colored with achiote seeds. It is used in Mexican and Indian cuisine to add a bright reddish-brown color and a distinctive flavor to many foods including fish, fowl, meats, rice dishes, and tamales .

Achiote Paste: specific to Yucatan and Oaxacan cuisine, this paste is made from ground achiote seeds, water or vinegar, and sometimes other herbs and spices such as cinnamon, bay leaf, cilantro, salt, cloves, and oregano. It can be used in moles, tamales, stews, rice dishes, and with meats and seafood.

Macadamia Nuts (Engl)

Judy Davie talks about the health value of macadamias and shows you how to prepare and include this delicious and nutritious nut into healthy daily meals.

Rutabaga (Engl)

Dani gives you the lowdown on this overlooked ingredient.

Celery Root (Engl)

Food editor Melissa Roberts shares her tips for preparing celery root, a vegetable that looks intimidating but yields a bright, crisp, celery-like flavor. Celery root can be used raw in salad, cooked with potatoes, or puréed in soup.

Der Ingwer (DE) (Link)

Natur Pur: Wunderknolle Ingwer

Ein Stückchen frischer Ingwer zündet Ihre Geschmacksnerven: ätherische Öle und Scharfstoffe sorgen für Feuerwerk im Mund - und das ist auch noch richtig gesund. Was die Knolle alles drauf hat ...

How to prepare fresh Wasabi (Engl)

Real wasabi can be a little tricky to find, but once you do, your palate will be opened to a whole new sensation. Learn how to prepare real wasabi, and settle for no imitation.

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