Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Chinese Hand Pulled Noodles (Engl)

Part 1

In this episode of Culinary Secrets with Chef Tomm, Chef Tomm shows us the ancient Chinese Secret of Hand Pulled Noodles. It took Chef Tomm years to learn this guarded Chinese Secret.

Part 2

In part two Chef Tomm will show us two different applications for the hand pulled Noodles.

Chinese Chef forms Noodles by Hand (Engl)

La Mian is a type of handmade or hand-pulled Chinese noodle. Through a process of stretching and twisting wheat flour, noodle makers can hand pull hundreds, even thousands of beautiful long thin noodles for a variety of dishes. The process is simple enough, but when you see a master noodle maker perform, one truly appreciates the art and beauty of cooking.

Langzhou Noodles (Engl)

Hand-Pulled Chinese Noodles (Engl)

Huacan Chen of the restaurant Hung Ry in NoLIta spins out endless skeins of la mian, smooth, springy hand-stretched noodles, using nothing but a countertop and his hands.

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