Monday, October 12, 2009

Made in Spain with Chef Jose Andrés (Engl)

A Taste of the Sea

Andrés prepares scallops in their shells with Albariño white wine and visits the dramatic seafood farms of this northwestern region.

A Cultural and Culinary Capital

 (Spanish Sausages)

Andrés cooks a quick tapa of fried eggs and Spanish chorizo sausage before showing viewers the artistic and food culture of the Spanish capital.

Food Arts

Using a Catalan olive oil bought in the U.S., Andrés prepares two tapas: marinated olives, and toast with cheese and anchovy.

Red, Red Wine

No Spanish wine is more famous than Rioja, and Andrés starts with a quick tapa of apples in red wine syrup.

Earth, Wind and Fire

Andrés cooks a cold soup of Basque cheese bought in Manhattan before going to the rustic farms where the cheesemakers live.

Spain's Vegetable Garden

Andrés stuffs some piquillos with cheese, then takes viewers to Navarra to show them how to roast and peel the peppers.

Surf and Turf

Andrés turns Spain's sparkling wine, cava, into a light dressing for oysters and a refreshing mimosa cocktail.


Food for the Family

Asturias means family for Andrés, and he prepares a simple apple and cheese salad with his mother's favorite blue cheese, Cabrales.

Tuna and Tapas

Andrés prepares a classic tuna salad before joining the extraordinary tuna catch off the southern coast of Spain.

How They Cook Back Home

From his home region of Asturias in northern Spain, Andrés showcases its great cheeses.

A Pilgrim's Progress in Food

Andrés explores the food of the magical, mystical region of Galicia where pilgrims have traveled for centuries.

The Sweet Spanish Center

Andrés explains the Spanish sweet tooth, cooking pancakes with chocolate before showing viewers the wonderfully thick hot chocolate of Spain.

Tasting Spain (Engl)

Jose returns to the restaurant where he worked as a young chef to taste his mentor's most recent creations.

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